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Proyer Vape Disposable Wholesale

No tar and other carcinogenic substance. Harmless to others and environment. No danger of second-hand smoking. Using it in a public place. Enable customers to abstain from using it non painfully. Give up in four steps. Save the cost 80% each year.No ignition and no fire hazards.

Features of Product

  • Brand: Proyer
  • Puffs:1800
  • Capacity: 5ml
  • Salt Nicotine: 5%

    400 pcs each case

    Weight: 19.5kg each case


    1: Lush ice
    2:Forst Berry
    3:Guava Pineapple Orange
    4:Mint Strawberry
    5:Aloe Melon Mango Juice
    6:Iced Mango Blueberry
    7:Pineapple Ice
    8:Iced Melon
    9:Kiwi Blueberry Ice