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COMBO OFFER - IGET Bar 50 Pcs + IGET legend 50 Pcs + MOTI Case 50 Pcs

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COMBO OFFER - IGET Bar 50 Pcs + IGET legend 50 Pcs + MOTI Case 50 Pcs in Australia

IGET BAR - 31 flavors:

1.Mango ice
2.Blueberry ice
3.Double apple
4.Strawberry watermelon ice
5.Ice cream
6.Strawberry kiwi ice
7.Cola ice
8.Grape ice
9.Blueberry raspberry
10. Peach Ice
11.Cherry Pome
12.Lush Ice
13.Blackberry Ice
14. Mix Berry
15.Strawberry raspberry
16.Banana ice
17.Cherry Blueberry
18.Blackberry raspberry lemon
19. Passion fruit mango lime
20.Melon ice
21.Pineapple ice
22. Strawberry Lemon ice
23. Orange Mango pineapple ice
24. Banana pomegrante Cherry ice
25.Passionfruit watermelon juice
26.Blackberry Pome Cherry Ice
27.Kiwi Pineapple Ice
28. Raspberry Grape
29. Watermelon Mint Iced
30.Passion Fruit Kiwi Guava
31. Mint

IGET LEGEND - 25 flavors:

1.Grape ice

2.Lush ice

3.Passion fruit mango ice

4.Peach pineapple lime

5.Strawberry watermelon

6.Blueberry raspberry grape ice

7.Blackberry ice

8.Cola lemon soda

9.Strawberry kiwi ice

10.Mango banana ice

11.Passion fruit melon ice

12.Raspberry watermelon lemon

13.Pink lemon orange ice melon lemon 

15.Plain coffee 

16.Watermelon Kiwi pomegranate 

17.Pineapple watermelon lemon ice 

18.Peach guava strawberry ice 

19.Blueberry blackberry ice 

20.Aloe mango cantaloupe 

21.Mango banana melon New

22.Blueberry berries blackcurrant New

23.Passion fruit grape orange New

24.Passion fruit watermelon ice New

25.Peach strawberry ice New

MOTI Case - 10 Flavors:

  1. Juicy Grape
  2. Lush Ice
  3. Lychee Ice
  4. Citric Berries
  5. Peach Ice
  6. Kiwi Guava
  7. Blue Razz
  8. Cola Fizz
  9. Blue Razz Ice
  10. Spearmint

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