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IGET VAPE Wholesale Distributor in Australia

Big Distributor IGET Vape in Australia High Quality Authentic products with Sydney Warehouse Rates For vape Shop and Wholesaler. Free shipping from Sydney Warehouse. Delivery within 48 hours (Business day) Shipping All Australian Addresses.

1 Vape Wholesale LLC ® Disposable Vape Bulk Supplier and Distributor

We are Offering Vape Disposable Wholesale , Our Products High Quality Originals, Authentic and Genuine with Factory Rates For Vape wholesaler and Vape Distributor with tier pricing. All Products Are Supply from Factory Directly. Excellent Service and Fast Shipping via Special Resource (3 to 5 Business days).

1 vape Wholesale Based in Sydney, Australia, USA Register LLC ® and China. Our vape Disposable Products are shipped USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe. UAE and All others Countries with minimal shipping time so that your business never slows down. We Accommodate a wide range of Vape Disposable Products.

Based on 128 reviews

Fast logistics, received in 6 days, thanks!

Great quality, looking forward to more flavours!

This ELF Bar product is great, guests love it, smooth and pure flavour, more than the IGET range!

Elf Bar products are great, US travellers love them and I will continue to buy them!

The flavors are all fantastic though. The Blue Razz is probably my favorite

Always spot on

Great service no issues

Received quickly in Melbourne, thanks!

Great product, customers love it!

Great seller, would buy again


Fantastic, pure flavour and very prompt delivery!

IGET Bar Vape Wholesale
William Rickit

Highly recommend great service fast turn around once purchased.

Good, fast delivery, SA in 3 days!

Love buying from these guys. They're reliable, excellent communication and very fast shipping. Thank you so much for an awesome product.

Fast Shipping

Godd product from 1vape,Very fast delivery, Australia Post shipped the next day after payment.

When will there be a new flavour, Legend should be more than Bar!

Very refreshing in flavour


Beautiful product, but not many people in WA know about this brand yet

Purchased the product a week ago but they sent the wrong flavour, it was later re-exchanged for the correct one, thanks.

Dear customer,for the recent increase in the number of orders, we are sorry to bring you problems, thank you for your comments, we will better optimize our work to provide better service to our customers, wish you all the best

Fourth purchase, customer loves it!

Very good service, helped my business a lot.

Delivery in Australia

Please check your tracking number on the Australia Post website

(To protect customer privacy, only part of the logistics records are shown)

People also ask

Can you order vapes online in Australia?

In Australia, vapes can be ordered online and imported for personal use under the TGA's Personal Importation Scheme. With a valid prescription,

iget bar's 10 best-selling flavours

1.Strawberry watermelon
2.Lush ice
3.Blackberry ice
4.Strawberry raspberry
5.Passion fruit kiwi guava
6.Blackbery pome cherry ice
7.Passion fruit mango lime
8.Strawberry kiwi
9.Grape ice
10.Cherry pomegranate

iget Legend's 10 best-selling flavours

1.Blueberry raspberry grape ice
2.Strawberry kiwi ice
3.Grape ice
4.Mix berry
5.Watermelon kiwi pomegrant
6.Blueberry blackberry ice
7.Peach strawberry ice
8.Passion fruit watermelon ice
9.Pineapple watermelon lemon ice
10.Mango banana ice

Is IGET legal in Australia?

Since 1 October 2021, all nicotine vaping products are prescription only medicines across all Australian States and Territories. It is illegal to import, buy or sell vape or e-liquid without a valid permit or prescription. Heavy penalties, including fines and imprisonments apply.

Is IGET vape harmful?

If you're wondering whether IGET vapes are safe for your health, the short answer is yes –they are definitely safe!

Is IGET Vaping Good?

The IGET Vape is a great choice for those who are looking for an affordable, easy-to-use vaporizer. There are many models to choose from, each with its own unique features.

What is the best disposable vape in Australia?

  • IGET Legend
  • IGET Bar
  • IGET King
  • IGET Goat
  • HQD


Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. 1 Vape Wholesale products are not smoking cessation products and have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, nor are they intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. All product names, trademarks and images are the property of their respective owners, Product names and images are used solely for the purpose of identifying the specific products. Use of these names does not imply any co-operation or endorsement.

SMOKING PRODUCTS IN AUSTRALIA Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and their accessories are considered smoking products in Australia. As such, e-cigarettes/vapes are illegal to sell to, or bought on behalf of, a person who is under the age of 18. The Department of Health website has more information about e-cigarette laws. You are confirming that you are at least 18 years old when you purchase vaping products from our website and that you are not purchasing vapes for a person under the age of 18.